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​We combine anatomical science and functional balance in movement to present a safe, reliable program in order to achieve longevity throughout the sport. 


MagnaWave Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is used for both humans, equines, and small animals. Sessions begin with a body assessment of each individual so a customized plan can be developed. Treatments may be split into 20-30 minute increments, or a full 50 min session. 


By placing specific coils on the body, the machine generates an electric pulse targeting the cells of the body. Magnawave can penetrate up to 18 inches through tissue, organs, muscle, and bone. This allows the body to repair cells and recover more rapidly, leading to improvement in the overall health and wellbeing without side effects. PEMF can stimulate energy, improve circulation, and accelerate bone mending, as well as help to regenerate soft tissue.


As a certified Practitioner Tara operates two machines and is able to treat both horse and rider during one session. As a trainer with 20 years experience she brings an educated angle to how the muscles, tone, build, and develop during working phases of training. Magnawave helps her to get "under the hood" of your horse's vitality.


Talk to Tara about owning your own Magnawave Machine or renting a machine. She will be happy to provide you with useful information.


To see the Magnawave in action- check out the link below.

PS Vitality Pro with Tara Jones | Facebook

cryo 3.JPG


The diffuser streams high-pressure, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas at 70 bars pressure and -110°F to the affected site on the horse’s body. This creates a thermal shock that immediately activates the sensory neuroreceptors under the skin. The horse’s central nervous system responds with a corrective reflex, which brings a reduction in inflammation, swelling, and pain, with further muscular relaxation, within just 60 seconds.

LZR Ultrabright.jpg

Red Light Therapy

Red Light therapy is an effective addition to PEMF therapy, or as a stand-alone treatment. It is an excellent resource to accelerate the healing process for open lacerations or wounds as it helps to stimulate the mitochondria of the cells. This allows for the cells to regenerate more rapidly, repair themselves, and become healthier. Red light can also help with inflammation in joints, and sore muscles and helps to diminish scarring.

back saver pad IR2.jpg


RevitaVet™ provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise. Pads include the poll, back, hock, ankle, tendon, and knee pads. PS Vitality Pro owns the entire line of Revitavet Pads as well as the IR2 System which is infrared light therapy.

cold laser.jpg

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser / low-level laser therapy is intended for treatment of a wide range of conditions, including regenerative stimulation in chronic pathologies, reduction of acute inflammation of edema, acute and chronic pain, and soft tissue syndromes. Vetrolaser therapy will stimulate tissue and penetrate into the deeper layers of muscle.

G5 massage pic.jpg

G5 Cellutec Massage Unit

G5® Massage Machines help you to manipulate the soft tissue of the body to produce the desired effects on the nervous and muscular systems, as well as working to enhance local and general circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids. Aids in reducing trigger points and muscle spasms that can be traced along the lines of the equine fascial layers, as well as the muscle groups.

cupping 1.jpg


Cupping helps to decompress tissue and create a better range of motion through joints. Further releasing fascia, increasing blood flow, and relieving tired, or overworked muscle groups. This motorized suction device can be set to a level that is appropriate for each equine to keep it safe and effective while helping to create a comfortable experience. This will in turn put the body into quicker recovery as the red light penetrates into the tissue to further stimulate and promote a longer healing process.

Chi Palm.jpg

Sound Wave Therapy

CHI PALM Sound Vitality

The CHI Palm delivers safe, ultra low sound wave frequencies that penetrate the deepest layers of the body's tissue to dissolve cellular trauma and speed up the natural healing process. Often used before or after a PEMF treatment, sound wave therapy can help to promote more clarity, and a calmer state of mind. It can also help to provide relief from chronic pain and stress while lowering emotional turbulence. This is particularly helpful for rehabilitation, rescue work, or specific cases of neglect where miscommunication with our equines leaves mental clarity a challenge to revamp.


Kinesiology Taping

Equi-Tape is the first kinesiology tape designed specifically with your equine in mind. It has multiple benefits including pain relief, increased circulation, muscle relaxation, joint support and so much more. The practical protocols for taping procedures highlight particular muscle groups used in performance work, during an injury, when pain or inflammation is present, or even just for preventive measures. Tara learned through an in depth online course presented by Equi- Tape's premiere instructors. Since then, she has learned how to tie kinesiology taping and PEMF treatments together in order to help hold regeneration of cellular activity longer along tired or stiff areas of the body. Equi-Tape can also be used for riders as well.


Sports Massage

Tara is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy for Humans. Since then she has incorporated practical hands on techniques with her vast knowledge of equine anatomy to formulate a blend that is ultimately unique. The Equisports massager, and the Sonic LX are two tools that help to stimulate soft tissue manipulation within the sore, aching muscles of the horse. Horse's who carry chronic fatigue mentally, physically, and emotionally can hold muscle memory patterns resulting in muscle atrophy and postural imbalance. Creating a new cycle of release patterns can change the course of the reconditioning process.

MyoFascial Release.jpg

IASTM Myofascial Release

Using top grade tools to help in the process of releasing tight muscle fibers, and fascial layers throughout the body is a key ingredient in the overall health and wellbeing of each individual equine. Too often tight muscles will create blocks, or detours within the body's map of intended travel. This can detour the natural circulation and prolong healing, forcing the body to borrow from other areas. By using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, it helps to speed up the process and get the body back to its natural state.



Fascia is a sheet of fibrous tissue that envelops the body beneath the skin; it also encloses muscles and groups of muscles and separates their several layers or groups. Ps Vitality Pro owns the entire line of Fasciablasting tools. This form of massage and tissue release is another way to get past the superficial muscle layers of the horse’s body to help promote spasm relief, as well as muscular relaxation by targeting trigger points and stress points.

Electro Acupressure

Acupressure points are stimulated using a mild electric current supplied by a TENS unit directed at specific points on the body. This helps to promote circulation, invigorate muscles, and end muscular pain without the use of drugs, surgery, or other invasive procedures. Focusing mainly on the “Drive Train” of the horse to free up mobility.


Lifewave Patches

This additional ‘add-on’ service uses patented technology. LifeWave Patches are self-adhesive patches which, applied at specific points in our body, gently stimulate those points in the same way that have been used to balance and improve the flow of energy in the human body for thousands of years. The various different types of patches are specifically used to help each equine reach a better state of wellness.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is specifically geared towards manipulating the muscles, fascia, and connective tissue to improve blood flow, and gain better mobility within the muscle. If a muscle is in spasm it is not getting the intended circulation or blood flow. This forces the body to pull from other areas which can sometimes lead to further injury, or tightness. When other modalities are performed first, it gives the superficial muscle layer time to elongate. Often the feeling of a guitar string, or speed bump felt under the surface layer of muscles can be alleviated and the trigger point can be worked out comfortably.


Equine Stability Sure Foot Pads

Sure Foot Pads help to develop Equine stability by allowing the horse to explore their own posture. By standing on the various pads the movement, confidence, and performance can assimilate together to teach awareness within the body. It promotes better learning, and exploration within the confines of what is normal everyday procedure for your horse's stability. Paired along with any other modality it opens the horse up to creating a peaceful, calm, atmosphere in order to learn.

Posture and Stretch.jpg

Posture and Stretch Analysis

Pilates and Yoga for your equine companion. During most every session, Tara will incorporate the stretches, and postural changes needed in order for the horse to change specific parts of the body. Often owners will be given homework in this department so that the stretches can become part of the daily regimen just like a vigorous grooming session. Through years of work, and hundreds of horses, Tara has learned how horse's come to find themselves in a state of" fixable posture." By learning specific exercises geared towards the four sectors of the horse, owners can also learn how to incorporate the new changes into their routine through a system of stretches.


YL Aromatherapy Essential Oils

As a Young Living Affiliate, essential oils have become a staple in the vitality program. Through the seed to seal program, Young Living

 offers oil infused, plant based products that are some of the most fragrant, enriched, usable oils on the market. Some favorites include Peppermint, Valor, Lavender, and much more. Thieves is also a favorite used to clean the Magnawave PEMF coils, and all other devices. It is a natural product with no harsh chemicals, and can even be used as a gentle spray to mist over the horse's coat to instill shine.



Youtube Channel

Check out all that I have to offer!

Tara Jones Riding & Training

Tara Jones Riding & Training


I met Tara in the USA, as she attended a clinic I was conducting - I found Tara's passion for horses and skills with learning was very inspiring - Tara came to Australia, and stayed at our establishment to further her education and horsemanship.


As any horse person would say "you never stop learning" Tara then took on dressage, and knowledge of starting out on working the horse, and understanding the creation of making a partnership, that is supple, attentive and giving.  Keeping in mind soundness, and education at the horses level of training, and fitness.


Tara and her abilities with horses, and desire to learn and improve always with the horse as her main concern - it was such a pleasure to have Tara with us in Australia, and wish her all the best in the future. We know it will always be with what she loves which is the horses.

 Fay Mendez 

Olympic coach in the

London 2012 paralympic games 

Jose Mendez

a former trainer at the royal school in Spain.

You have a gift for expressing yourself in language, actions, teachings, and your gift in dealing with horses all combined together in one total package that makes you a person so many of us admire. You truly have discovered your inner gift. 

Kathy Coffman

Tara is an awesome riding instructor. I've taken lessons from many different instructors - even Olympic level people and didn't "get" some of the concepts until I started lessons with Tara. She has a gift for explaining things in terms that I could easily understand- not some nebulous concepts that left me confused. You won't be disappointed and your horse will thank you. 

Sherrie Hilliard

I feel grateful for the opportunity to train with you and have you train my horse. I know this winter was hard for many, but it was a blessing for me. You've taught me a lot, and I have so much to learn and assimilate. I look forward to understanding and utilizing more. Lark's body has changed, much to the astonishment of her saddle fitter. She is leaner, has a better topline, is learning to use her hind end better, has a steeper wither angle, and is learning to engage better. She's gone from a sluggish lesson horse to becoming the best horse she can be. I thank you with all my heart

Wendy Ford
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