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About Tara Jones

“It’s a constant need to keep yourself sharp, and focused. The good trainers settle for what they already know, the great trainers never settle because they know they will never know it all.” 


Tara's goal as an instructor, trainer, and anatomy specialist  is to always set the standard in the equine training industry for informative innovation, safety, and optimal education to reach the highest level of vitality.


As a knowledgeable, trusted leader for rider biomechanics in a multitude of disciplines, Tara uses a variety of modalities to change the dynamic of how horse and rider partnerships are viewed and taught. 


“Success is only a gift for those who choose to work for it. I have made it my mission to become better and learn from the legendary trainers every chance I get. The day I stop learning, is the day I will never ride again. I want my students to reap the benefits of my hard work. Their success is my triumph.”

Tara spends her free time studying under various trainers and clinicians in all disciplines. She studies anatomy with Jillian Kreinbring and Ivana Ruddock. Tara was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Australia and work closely with Jose Mendez, a top-level rider who, along with his brother Manolo, studied at the Royal school in Spain. "I learned about the beauty, grace, and intelligence a horse possesses. What an honor to be in the presence of two masters. They are in a league of their own."  Tara hopes to keep traveling internationally once a year for further education in different countries.

Core Values
  1. To be the voice for the horse.

  2. To educate the rider to the highest standard of biomechanics and function. 

  3. Safety measures practiced in all forms of education.

  4. Expert advice and continued education in all areas of anatomy, and wellness.

  5. Innovation above others to set the standard.

  6. Inspire younger generations to prevent injuries from occurring.

  7. Appeal to all riding disciplines/all levels.

  8. Be passionate, respectful, patient, and willing.

  9.  Bring forth the best modalities on the market. 

Tara began working on my personal horse several months ago. My mare responded successfully to the MagnaWave treatment, and Tara was able to improve her movement with her muscle modification program. I began referring Tara to my spinal manipulation clients. I have found the horses are much easier to adjust, more supple, and more rideable after having Tara work on them. Her program allows the horse to build muscle and educates the client on how to correctly work their horse for a muscle building training program.

Tara is well educated on all of the equipment she uses, and obviously dedicated to her work. I highly recommend her services.

Rebecca Lefebvre, DVM, CVMMP

MagnaWave, Revitavet Poll Pad, and cavesson training once a week have made my 23 year old mare feel and move better than she has in a long time. For us it's all about longevity, and keeping her healthy and moving comfortable.

Kathleen Quinn

JPJ once had Cushings numbers off of the charts, practically no topline, and didn't even realize where all of his feet were. It was like driving a large semi without power steering, and at times without brakes! Fast forward to today, after our sessions with Tara's Longevity Program, and he seems like a different horse. The transformation in his movement, our improved connection, and even his work ethic has been amazing!

Elle Brunswick-Hanks
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