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Tara Jones Equine Synergist

“As an Equine Synergist, I am continuously inviting the concept of “radiant eloquence” from within. By pairing cooperative interaction with internal freedom we can establish an energetic pathway; a scientific spark. This unwinding process will unite the core techniques with the physical well-being.” 


As a Synergistic Vitality Specialist the goal is to always set the standard in the equine training industry for informative innovation, safety, and optimal education to reach the highest level of performance. 

Becoming a trusted leader through proper biomechanics, rehabilitation, and reconditioning in a multitude of disciplines, Tara uses a variety of modalities to change the dynamic of how horse and rider partnerships are viewed and taught.

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Linear Learning

Educational inspiration is a key factor in all evaluations. Anatomical awareness was brought to light through such teachers as Jillian Kreinbring, and Ivana Ruddock. Tara was also fortunate enough to be able to travel to Australia and work closely with Jose Mendez, a top-level rider who, along with his brother Manolo, studied at the Royal school in Spain. Through timeless classical principles, the rebirth of cavesson training was brought to light. Tara began to reinvent her own style of training through many of our elite industry leaders. With over 25 years of experience, she began to blend the basics of natural horsemanship and colt starting. By intertwining her roots with the science of anatomy and In-hand work, she was able to further combine the connection of musculoskeletal unwinding through bodywork. She has since written her own books and teaches courses and clinics based on her Muscle Modification System. Now it has evolved into her wellness week programs based out of Telford, Pa where she runs her own facility. All which have
helped to dive deeper into the internal structure presenting an alternate option for rehabilitation and reconditioning.


“Equine Synergy is about finding the balance within the body. 
Bringing forth the Inner Glow

Creating a radiant energy that livens the internal structure.”

Tara began working on my personal horse several months ago. My mare responded successfully to the MagnaWave treatment, and Tara was able to improve her movement with her muscle modification program. I began referring Tara to my spinal manipulation clients. I have found the horses are much easier to adjust, more supple, and more rideable after having Tara work on them. Her program allows the horse to build muscle and educates the client on how to correctly work their horse for a muscle building training program.

Tara is well educated on all of the equipment she uses, and obviously dedicated to her work. I highly recommend her services.

Rebecca Lefebvre, DVM, CVMMP

MagnaWave, Revitavet Poll Pad, and cavesson training once a week have made my 23 year old mare feel and move better than she has in a long time. For us it's all about longevity, and keeping her healthy and moving comfortable.

Kathleen Quinn

JPJ once had Cushings numbers off of the charts, practically no topline, and didn't even realize where all of his feet were. It was like driving a large semi without power steering, and at times without brakes! Fast forward to today, after our sessions with Tara's Longevity Program, and he seems like a different horse. The transformation in his movement, our improved connection, and even his work ethic has been amazing!

Elle Brunswick-Hanks
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