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Muscle Modification Tools

Combination Cavesson

This new, strong, biothane cavesson is a 3-in-1 design and is the core of Tara's Muscle Modification Lunging System.


  • This cavesson can also be used for longline work, in-hand work, and used as a bitless bridle.

  • The 3 rings make it possible to attach reins, two long lines, or one lunge line.

  • This hand-made item is a "must-have" tool in your training system.

  • Includes a 15-foot hand-made rope lunge line.


Yearling Combination Cavesson


book gorgeous head shot.jpg

Horse Combination Cavesson



Draft  Combination Cavesson


Lunge Line.jpg

15 ft Lunge Lines


Flip Stick.jpg

Flip Sticks



Circle Aid


Book front cover.jpg

Muscle Modification System


solving riddles.jpg

Solving the Riddles of Riding



The Mane Tails



Lead by Example


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