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Wellness Week 

7 full days of Wellness at PS Vitality Pro
Get a jump start on healing from the inside out.

$475.00 (owner supplies hay and grain for duration of stay)
Wellness includes:
* Magna Wave PEMF Therapy Sessions
* LZR or Photonic Health Red Light Therapy 

* CHI Palm Sound Vitality
* IASTM Massage Release Techniques

* Epiony Thermal Heating Pads
* Trigger Point Therapy
* Aromatherapy Oils
* Sure Foot Pads
* Posture and Stretch Analysis

**In Hand work daily in the combination cavesson learning the techniques of the muscle modification lunging system.

In Hand Combination Cavesson Lunge Training

Muscle Modification Lunging System

Workbook Included

Course 1

The foundation of the art of lunging using the combination cavesson of Tara’s design. Learn basic anatomy, proper fitting, beginning stages of releasing muscle groups. Working the line and establishing a connection and much more…

Course 2

The second stage of learning the art of in-hand cavesson work continuing to build muscle groups by learning how to adjust posture and balance and increase range of motion. 

Courses 3 & 4 COMING SOON!
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Image by Adrien Olichon



Monthly Options Available

No matter what level the student is, the language between horses and rider will develop through a structured system. 


Solid principles are based on classical techniques, intertwined with a modern twist. Students enjoy the partnership that is formed and gain confidence in knowing that they had a hand in helping it develop.

Riding for All Disciplines 

Technical Tactics Riding Program

Workbook Included

Phase 1 & 2

Learn valuable techniques for any riding discipline and discover the “home seat” from the foot position, to the lower leg, to the seat and hip stability. 

Phase 3 & 4 

Learn the next sequence to better posture, balance, and mobility to learn to properly influence the horse. Create more awareness and get hands-on practice through the square exercise. 

Phase 5 & 6 COMING SOON!
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Longevity Program

The Longevity Program is a unique blend structured through Tara's watchful eye. It incorporates PEMF Therapy, body relaxation, and muscular transformation through a system based on influential training from the inside out. Combining Cavesson In-Hand work, and modern day modalities, the artistry meets the mending of the body to transform movement, balance, and the science of motion.


Sessions consist of 30 minute sessions of PEMF and bodywork followed by 20 minutes of Muscle Modification In Hand work using the Cavesson.

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